Kubus H3 - floor

By Pluma Cubic

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Floor Lamp
Material: Beige with black tinge coloured rooster feathers, plumes on outside, quills pointing inwards, shade covering beige fabric

Dimensions: Length approx.  42cm, width approx. 42cm, height approx. 42cm, entire height approximately 165 cm

Package:  Incl. Stainless steel tripod stand and electric dimmer, transparent power cable approx. 300cm, E27 sockets, use max. 105 watt halogen bulb.


Heike Buchfelder studied architecture at the University of the Arts Berlin and at the Oslo School of Architecture. In 2005 she founded Pluma Cubic creating the beautiful Pluma Feather Lights. Today, her design collection includes 21 unique pieces and is sold internationally.

In Heike’s light objects, the illumination, with the proud opulence of the goose feathers, is bright and calm. The lights illustrate two opposing sides: one shows the soft, fluffy, natural flowing beauty; the other, the hard, internal rigidity, fixing each individual component. Thus, from the plumage of goose and rooster feathers emerge opulent minimalist light objects.
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If you would like to know how to take care of your Pluma light, you can download our cleaning instructions:
Pluma Lights - Cleaning Instructions (PDF)


3 to 4 weeks lead time, subject to availability with the supplier.
12 weeks lead time for bulk orders.

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