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Oskar Zieta graduated in Architecture from the University of Technnology in Szczecin (Poland) in July 2000. After completing his studies he participated in the scholarship program in Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD) at the ETH in Zurich (Switzerland). There Oskar expanded his proficiencies in computer based architectural design and controlled production technologies.

During his research at the ETH, he developed different methods of enhancing efficiency of technology for steel design, architecture and construction. Among others, the FIDU technology was developed (Freie-Innen-Druck-Umformung) – Internal Pressure Forming. FIDU implies inflating two steel sheets welded around their edges into a 3D object. It takes only two thin steel sheets to create a complicated and very durable 3D object from steel in FIDU.

In 2008, Oskar Zieta introduced to the market his PLOPP stool as well as a limited edition of the chair Chippensteel and in 2009, he developed the whole Zieta collection.

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FIDU technology: the inflating method - Check the process on this short film.

Zieta Interior

Plopp Kitchen, Mini & Standard

Plopp Standard in stainless steel, raw lacquered and black

Drab, Plopp, Pin & Kamm



Chippensteel and Plopp Standard in inox (stainless steel)

Kamm in grey (and Pin & Unterdruck)

Unterdruck in black & white
Limited Special Edition Plopp in copper

Limited Special Edition Rondo in copper

Zieta Exhibitions

Decoration & Design Melbourne 2012 featuring Drab

Decoration & Design, Melbourne 2012 featuring Plopp Standard in white

Exhibition of Plopp Standard in white by Zieta

Zieta Architectural

Architonic Pavillion by Zieta

Soccer Ball by Zieta

Blow Roll by Zieta

Wind Rotor by Zieta
Bridge by Zieta
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