Raul Lauri is a young Spanish designer from Ibi (Alicante) who came up with the fantastic idea of creating homewares and lights out of used coffee grinds. This genius idea got him awarded the first prize at the Salone Satellite Award 2012 in Milan.

Raul started reflecting on how he could make the most of our everyday wastes. With coffee being one of the most traded commodity in the world and taking such an important part in people’s life and habits, he decided to work around the idea of upcycling the used coffee grinds. The final result of a long experiment, lots of patience and enthusiasm is stunning! By using traditional culinary techniques and a natural binder, Raul started creating homewares and lights and was able to retain the beautiful texture and aroma of the used coffee grinds.

He is now applying the very well kept secret recipe to a whole range of different products. We invite you to experience Raul’s passion.

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Decafe Kamaria Suspension Light

Decafe Kojis Brass & Copper Suspension Light

Decafe KojiS6 Suspension Light

Decafe Kojis Suspension Light

Decafe Alika Bowl

Decafe Amaris Bowl

Decafe Sculptural Candle Holder

Decafe Necklace

Decafe Ring

Decafe Iana Mirror

Decafe Wall Tiles

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