Pluma Cubic creations represent a symbiosis of natural feathers and clear, geometric forms, combined to create sensuous pieces that raise eyebrows and start conversations.

Every lamp is entirely hand-crafted from 2,000 to 4,000 goose or rooster feathers, individually selected for uniformity and makes an elegant statement whether featured in residential or commercial environments.

The translucent quills pierce the shade in a dense pattern, creating a homogeneous surface. Both sides remain visible; the elegance and natural softness of the feathers themselves as well as the spiky, horn-like quills. Light is diffused in a mesmeric, lyrical moment of joy.

Heike Buchfelder founded the label Pluma Cubic in 2005. She studied architecture at the university of the Arts in Berlin and at the Oslo School of Architecture. Today her design collection comprises 21 unique pieces and is sold internationally. Textura is proud to be the exclusive distribution partner of Pluma Cubic in Australia. 

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